C.R.E.A.M.: New Maryland AD Brings Home the Bacon.

$700,000 a year. That’s how much newly appointed University of Maryland Athletic director Damon Evans will earn during his six-year contract. That’s some pretty decent coin compared to the reported $500,000 that his Kevin Anderson (not the guy who just lost the Wimbledon Final) received during his tenure.

Evans contract states he will receive a yearly base salary of $600,000 a year, but it is littered with incentives. A supplemental $120,000 income, $45,000 in performance-related compensation including Directors cup finishes, postseason appearances, and donation increases to name a few.

My favorite part of the contract is the $30,000 he gets to move his family up the coast from North Carolina. He also receives $1,000 a month from leasing a vehicle and even $120 a month for his cellphone.

Seriously? Didn’t UMD think he’d be able to find the means to pay his cell phone bill or make his car payment? Meanwhile, his athletes are asking their friends to spot them $5 for three days worth of food from McDonald’s because they can’t afford food, and they have to keep it quiet because they don’t want to get disqualified from playing for taking gifts.

At least Evans is saying the right things. During his introduction ceremony last month at The Hotel in College Park, Evans set the bar very high for what fans and alumni should expect during his tenure.

“I am going to work hard to put us at the forefront. I want people to know who we are and what Maryland is about,” Evans said in front of a crowded Terrapin Ballroom at the Hotel at the University of Maryland. “We are going to take over this conference, and we’re going to do some things that other people might say, ‘How in the heck did they do that?’

Evans has a safety net in case he doesn’t live up to his lofty claims of future excellence. If Maryland terminates Evans contract before July of 2019,  the university will pay him a modest $3 million. If Evans is let go after then, he receives the rest of his base salary.

Unfortunately for his indentured servants, I mean student-athletes, there is far less security in case they don’t live up to their end of the deal.

At the very least, Evans owes all of his seniors a round or two at Cornerstone.

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