Should The NBA All-Star Draft be Televized?

This past fall, the NBA announced that the 2018 All-Star game will have a new model. The game will feature two team captains, the player who receives the most votes in his conference, and the teams will be playing for charity.

The two team captains will draft their own teams (like the greatest pickup game of all time) and Wizards point guard John Wall thinks the draft should be televised.

“If you made the All-Star Game, it should be televised who is going to be on what team. I don’t think you should call them and then wait until everybody sees who will be an All-Star. They should let it be known,” said Wall, “We’re grown men, like (LeBron) said, if they ain’t pick you, they ain’t pick you.”

Obviously, this will make for amazing television and I couldn’t agree with Wall more. The NBA is slowly climbing my “must see” list. The games are great (in the west) but the storylines are more complex than the WWE.

Everyone has a beef with everyone in the NBA. The single greatest television event in recent memory would be watching the greatest players in the NBA, the guys who ALWAYS  got picked first in pick-up games, get picked last by their peers. Could you imagine Kyrie and Durant being the last two players to be picked with James and Westbrook picking teams?! It would be AMAZING!

So please NBA, make this happen.

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